July 16, 2012-On July 16, 2012 TRAC sent a letter to the Surface Transportation Board outlining endemic problems with the June 2012 audit of CN’s operations on the EJ&E. The audit was completely flawed as it misses the boat in terms of giving the Board the information it needs to satisfy its monitoring obligations during the oversight period.
TRAC’s comments on the Board’s June 2012 Audit Report
June 2012 STB Second Audit Report

4-3-2012 -- Barrington & the TRAC Coalition jointly filed a rulemaking petition today before the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) asking the agency to mandate that the rail tank cars used to transport ethanol be made more crashworthy in a derailment. Industry has known for over 20 years that these tank cars are dangerous, but has failed to act to rectify the situation. The petition stems from a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation into the derailment of a CN freight train outside of Rockford, Illinois in June, 2009.
April 3, 2012 Barrington & TRAC petition to PHMSA
April 3, 2012 Press Release on the PHMSA Petition


2-14-2012 -- National Transportation Safety Board Hearing Highlights Lack of Safety Culture at CN and Prevalent Use of Flawed Rail Tank Cars to Transport Ethanol

A February 14 hearing by the NTSB to detail what caused the June 2009 derailment of a CN train
outside of Rockford that killed one woman and injured nine noted a lack of a safety culture at CN
and the freight rail industry’s use of flawed tank cars as two causal factors.
To read a summary of the accident report, visit:
To listen to the archived hearing, go to:

The question and answer section of the archived hearing provides chilling details about
CN’s safety culture and the flawed tank cars that are prevalently used by the rail freight industry
in transporting highly flammable ethanol throughout the country.


11-14-2011 -- On October 14, 2011, Barrington filed a petition -- pursuant to the oversight role the STB reserved for itself on this transaction -- seeking a Board ruling ordering CN to pay a substantial portion (at least 84%) of a grade separation at the EJ&E crossing on U.S. Route 14 in Barrington. For more details, please refer to the following documents that can be found on this website under the “Links/Documents” tab under the “STB Oversight” section. Relevant documents include:

· The Barrington Petition Information Sheet
· The Barrington October 14, 2011 Petition as filed with the Surface Transportation Board
· The 2011 Civiltech Analysis of Barrington Traffic
· The Verified Statement of Civiltech Principal Engineer Robert Andres


3-15-2011 -- TRAC Lauds Federal Court Decision to Uphold the Surface Transportation Board's Right to Impose Mitigating Conditions


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