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What’s Happening With Infrastructure Improvement Projects?

Post Date:07/28/2017

As President Darch strolls about the Village during these warm and sunny summer days, she is often asked by our residents about numerous infrastructure projects going on around town. Obviously, Liberty Street, North Avenue, and now Main and Wool Streets have been under construction since the spring due to the replacement of 75-plus-year-old sanitary sewer pipes.

But what's happening with the Hart Road/Route 14 intersection and sidewalks? Or the new entrance to the North Commuter Lot? Below are some updates on the projects and their tim­ing. But first it's worth noting that many of our “Village” projects actually involve more than a dozen local, state, and federal agencies to complete, including the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Highway Administration, and many others. In addition, the Village usually pays for only between 0 and 20% of any given project, which puts control of the project less in our hands and more in the hands of the agencies putting in the most money. For that reason, it often takes a herculean effort (and several years) to accomplish these types of projects. So when construction timelines go off track, it’s usually because of factors outside our control, such as the State of Illinois' recent budget crisis.

That said, here is an update on major projects expected to occur in the Village and their current timing:

1. Hart Road/Route 14 Intersection and Sidewalk Improvements: This project includes improve­ments to this dangerous intersection as well as additional sidewalks along Route 14 from Cumnor Avenue to Hart Road, and a sidewalk along Hart Road from Northwest Highway to Barrington High School. Currently, the project has been pushed back 2019 or later due to the Army Corps of Engineers requiring of an additional flood plain study to be done at Flint Creek, as well as a delay with the Illinois state budget situation.

2. “Safe Routes to School” Sidewalk Project: This project includes sidewalks on Lageschulte Street from Main Street to Lincoln Avenue and on Illinois Street from Grove Avenue to Summit Street. Currently, construction is anticipated for fall of 2018 for this project.

3. North Commuter Lot Entrance: This project will create a new entrance to the Metra North Commuter Lot with a traffic signal at Route 14 near Barrington Animal Hospital. Land acquisition for the project is underway; provided there are no delays, construction could start in fall 2018.

4. Dundee Road / Grove Avenue Traffic Signal: This project will place a light on Dundee Road at Grove Avenue and also provides for a multi-use path along Dundee from Barrington Road to Barrington Middle School. This project is 100% under the control of the State of Illinois and subject to their timing. At this time, when the project will begin is uncertain.

5. Lake Zurich Road Re-Routing Project: This project would re-route Lake Zurich Road to intersect with Route 14 at the Berry Road light in order to improve intersection safety. The Village of Barrington is currently in discussions with the Barrington Area Library for final land acquisition; the discussions are moving forward positively. Construction is now estimated for spring of 2019 pending final approval of amended plans to accommodate the library‘s concerns.

6. Route 14 Underpass at the CN Tracks: This project would create an underpass on Northwest High­way (Route 14) under the Canadian National railroad tracks in order to alleviate train traffic congestion as well as to provide one open route through town when a train passes through. This project’s start date depends on the acquisition of the federal, state, and other grants needed to complete it.

The Village is always willing to listen to our residents’ questions and concerns about the projects underway in the Village. If you have any questions, please ask!

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