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Village of Barrington Works With Barrington Park District on Land Swap to Improve Flooding At Miller Park

Post Date:10/01/2017

The Village is pleased to announce that the Village of Barrington is in the process of finalizing a partnership agreement for a land exchange with the Barrington Park District that will assist the Village in reducing flooding in the Miller Park area (Summit and Lincoln Avenue).

Under a joint intergovernmental agreement, the Village of Barrington would transfer ownership of Meinhard Park (at the corner of Bristol Drive and Concord Lane) to the Barrington Park District and, in exchange, Barrington Park District would transfer owner­ship of the open space area of Miller Park to the Village of Barrington (except for the Roy Wilmering Scout Cabin and its immediate surroundings, which would remain owned by the Barrington Park District).

The Village then plans to redevelop Miller Park as a combination of open space and a new storm water retention pond aimed at lowering the risk of neighborhood flooding – a much-needed improvement to this flood-prone area. Meanwhile, the Barrington Park District would improve Meinhard Park with playground and other equipment appropriate for a neighborhood park.

This partnership with the Park District exempli­fies the benefits of governmental bodies working together to achieve a better outcome for our community.

Because our community is served by a wide variety of completely separate governmental entities, including the Village, the Barrington 220 School District, the Barrington Park Dis­trict, the Barrington Library District, and so on, it is often easy to be confused about which governmental entity has which responsibilities. 

The Village of Barrington is a general-purpose local government charged with providing for the public's safety and doing the many things traditionally associated with govern­ment. The Park District is a special-purpose unit of government with a single purpose – to provide the community with parks and recreation. So while the Park District would not establish a fire or police department and the Village would not create a dog park, in the case of the Miller/Meinhard Park swap, each of our respective jobs is made better by our cooperative effort.


Through this land swap, the Village will enhance storm water management, and the Park District will have a great new recreation space for the neighborhood. We both look forward to fulfilling this greater purpose for our community through this important partnership.
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