Comprehensive Plan

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Every ten years the Village conducts a major review and update of its Comprehensive Plan.  Starting in the spring of 2010, the Village began the update process.  A series of eight neighborhood 2010 Comp Plan Cover meetings took place during the summer of 2010. The neighborhood meetings gave our residents and businesses the opportunity to review the recommendations of the existing Comprehensive Plan, discuss current opportunities and concerns, and make recommendations for future plans in their specific neighborhood and throughout the Village. Following the neighborhood meetings, the Village Plan Commission and staff held several workshops to draft the changes to the document.   On April 25, 2011, the Village Board approved the 2010 Village Comprehensive Plan. 

The overall mission of the 2010 Village of Barrington Comprehensive Plan is to establish policies and implement strategies that will fulfill the consensus vision for the Village.  The vision for Barrington is to preserve the quality of its neighborhoods, the quality of education, and the diversity of leisure time activities.  The community is dedicated to fostering an easily-accessible center of activity for the Barrington area, maintaining a prosperous economic base, protecting its extensive natural resources, and promoting public participation and communication.

Below are the chapters of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and each of its maps. 

Table of Contents

Update Summary

Chapter 1: Mission Statement

Chapter 2: Introduction

Chapter 3: Municipal Boundaries

Chapter 4: Interagency Cooperation

Chapter 5: Land Use

Chapter 6: Village Center

Chapter 7: Housing

Chapter 8: Transportation

Chapter 9: Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 10: Community Design & Character

Chapter 11: Neighborhood Developments

Chapter 12: Special Planning Areas

Addendum: Bikeway Planning

Figure 1: Municipal Boundaries Map

Figure 2: Wetlands & Floodplains Map

Figure 3: Land Use Plan Map

Figure 4: Village Center District Map

Figure 5: Tax Increment Financing Distirct Map

Figure 6: Transportation Plan Map

Figure 7: Bikeways Planning Map

Figure 8: Master Sidewalk Plan Map

Figure 9: Neighborhood Boundaries Map

Figure 10: Special Planning Areas Map