Barrington's White House Legacy

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BWH LogoMore than just property and a building - this home is a legacy of culture, society, history, and priorities!

Cultural Patrimony
"Barrington's White House is an example of cultural patrimony," defines Anthony Rubano, Project Director Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.  "Patrimony is something derived from one's ancestors.  Barrington's White House is a cultural and architectural gift to future generations."

The Robertson's chose to build their private residence in the center of town as an announcement of their position.  The architecture and third floor ballroom reflected their role in the community as hosts for events, gatherings, and family celebrations.  This home was clearly an active participant in Barrington lifestyle of the time.  It was not a country house, but a visually and physically purposeful participant in the Barrington's early times with a wonderful nod to the future. 

How does preserving like this benefit Barrington?
Opportunity abounds for strengthening the core of the larger community with this vibrant new facility in the center of the Downtown.

  • Sustaining this unique property as a gathering place brings folks in from all areas by auto, railroad, foot traffic, and bicycles
  • Economic impact from more local events and mulitple activities in the center of the community
  • Densification of the Downtown community occurs through events drawing shoppers, diners, visitors, and overnight guests
  • Cultural heritage and exploration through art exhibits, music concerts, poetry, and educational presentations
  • Family heritage enhanced by hosting gatherings in a very uniquely Barrington setting
  • Community equity in the facility to sustain involvement

"Knit into the Barrington consciousness is an historic gift guaranteed to live beyond our lifetime with a little effort on our part," states Rubano.  "Economic development and community resource becomes the reason to participate.  It is a funtastic project; a magnificent effort coordinated by the Village to create a new use for a very high quality venue as the center for divergent community gathering."

Harold Rider, area resident, explains, "Romantically and economically viable, this venue will draw folks seeking to host prestigious events.  The large elevator will accommodte caterers, equipment, and guests.  Caters will love the kitchen and refer their clients once they see this stunning setting for weddings, reunions, and parties."