Design Guidelines

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With the exception of single-family dwellings, architectural review is generally required for all exterior building modifications. The Department of Economic and Community Development oversees the design review process before the Architectural Review Commission (ARC). Decisions by the ARC are based on the design standards contained within the district regulations of the Zoning Ordinance.

Click on the links below to obtain the design standards for following non-residential zoning districts:

• B-1 General Business Service District
• B-4 Village Center District
• B-R Mixed Business-Residential District
• All other non-residential zoning districts, including:

  • A-1 Artisan District
  • B-3 Office District
  • M-A Manufacturing Artisan District
  • M-1 Limited Manufacturing District
  • O-R Office Research District
  • P-L Public Lands District
  • O-S Open Space District
  • R-C Recreation Conservaton District

For more information about the Architectural Review Commission petition process, contact Kevin Kramer, Planner, at (847) 304-34732 or