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The Public Works Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance of all Village roads, sidewalks, and public rights-of-way and all administrative functions related to these maintenance activities. Specific services provided include maintenance of the roadway, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street sweeping, pavement markings/delineation, snow and ice removal, brush chipping, maintenance of drainage ditches, culverts, and storm sewers, alley maintenance, parking lot maintenance, maintenance of street lights and traffic control devices, and maintenance of all street signage.

          Major Service Activities

  • Perform sign repair and replacement; removal of storm damage; chipping program; snow plowing of streets and parking lots; traffic control for various parades; minor repairs on damaged street parkways, sidewalks, and curbs; street sweeping; striping of all village crosswalks and school crossings; maintain all village parking lots; maintain the school flashing lights; grade gravel alleys; maintain all village-owned street lights; pick up dead animals and trash on the road; administer the adopt-a-highway program.
  • Perform storm sewer maintenance and repair or replacement of storm inlets, manholes and catch basins.
  • Locates underground storm sewers and village-owned street light cables.
  • Provides seasonal brush pick-up and chipping services and special pick-ups related to storm damage.