Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

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Street, Alley, and Sidewalk Maintenance 

As is the case in most villages, the majority of major road work in Barrington is performed by hired contractors, while most routine maintenance is performed by Village crews.  We take care of minor street patching, routine filling of potholes, and some striping on roadways and parking lots.   We also  maintain the Village's alleys, curbs and sidewalks, and perform routine water and sewer repairs in the right-of-way.  

Street Lights

Public Works maintains and repairs all Village street lights, including bulb and ballast replacement and minor electrical repairs. Please call (847) 381-7903 to report street light problems.  Before you call, try to make a note of the street names or address at the location of the problem-- this will greatly assist us in swiftly locating the light and performing needed repairs.   

Public Works does not maintain or repair ComEd lights, which are typically on wooden poles. To report a ComEd light pole outage, you may call 1-800-Edison1 or go to an outage/report a street light outage.