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Opening or Relocating a Business

Whether you are opening a new business or relocating an existing business below is the information that you need to know. This information applies to all types of business, even an office relocation or operating a business in your home.

Review this checklist before signing a lease or purchasing a property!

Just Want to Talk in Person?

Call Jennifer Tennant, Asst. Director of Development Services at (847) 304-3462 or jtennant@barrington-il.gov.

☐ Is my business a permitted use in my proposed location?

Contact the Development Services Dept. at (847) 304-3460 to verify that your business is a permitted use at the proposed location. The Village is broken up into different Zoning Districts with certain business uses permitted in each District.

☐ Planning Interior Building Modifications?

Schedule a walkthrough of the space with the Village building inspector to determine if your proposed tenant improvements trigger any potential code upgrades. The most commonly required code upgrades are ADA or fire suppression/alarm improvements. Permits are required for interior alteration/remodel including but not limited to moving/altering walls, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, hood vent, fire alarm, fire suppression, etc.

☐ Planning Exterior Building Modifications and/or Signage?

Exterior building facade changes may require review and approval by the Architectural Review Commission. Contact Jennifer Tennant at jtennant@barrington-il.gov or (847) 304-3462 to discuss any proposed exterior facade changes. Permits are required for awnings and signage as well as other exterior alterations including but not limited to windows, roofing, siding/trim, change of exterior materials, etc.

☐ Zoning Certificate/Business Registration

Once you have decided on your business location (but before you sign a lease!), complete and submit the Zoning Certification Business Registration Form to obtain approval to operate your business at your intended location. This approval is also required to relocate your existing business within the Village.

☐ Home Business?

Running a business from your home also requires a Zoning Certification Business Registration Form. For information on allowable home businesses see Zoning Ordinance Section 4.6 Home Occupations.

☐ Selling and/or Serving Food and/or Alcohol?

Any establishment preparing or selling packaged food is required to obtain a food establishment license and have an annual inspection with the County Health Department.

Any establishment selling liquor for consumption on or off premises is required to obtain a liquor license. Contact Melanie Marcordes at mmarcordes@barrington-il.gov or (847) 304-3403 to discuss the process and determine the type of license that is needed.

☐ Miscellaneous Approvals and Licenses

  • Tobacco License – all new and relocating tobacco shops or other stores selling tobacco products require a Special Use permit. Contact Jennifer Tennant at (847) 304-3462 or jtennant@barrington-il.gov for more information.
  • Massage License – all new and relocating massage establishments require a special use. Contact Jennifer Tennant at (847) 304-3462 or jtennant@barrington-il.gov for more information.
  • Amusement License – A license is required for any table game, machine or device at an approved restaurant or tavern. Contact the Village Manager’s Office for licensing application and details. Note: amusement license does not include video gambling which is not permitted in the Village.
  • Outdoor Cafe License – A license is required for all outdoor dining facilities. Contact Susan Elder at (847) 304-3463 or selder@barrington-il.gov

Jennifer Tennant

Assistant Director of Development Services

(847) 304-3462