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Overnight Parking Regulations

Overnight parking is prohibited in all Village parking lots, except for Lot #17 (see map) and the North Commuter parking lot. Overnight parking in these lots requires a special permit. During regular business hours, contact Village Hall at (847) 304-3400, or after hours, contact the Police Department at (847) 304-3300 for information about overnight parking permits in these lots.  You can also conveniently pay for your overnight parking permit with any mobile device using Passport Mobile Pay.  To purchase a permit, simply download the PassportParking app for iOS or Android or by going to m.ppprk.com from mobile or desktop browser - Enter Zone No. 604 for overnight parking.  You can also purchase an overnight parking permit with our automated voice system by calling (847) 380-4332.  A small convenience fee is charged when using this service  

The Village allows for on-street parking throughout the day. For those looking to park overnight, it is not allowed on any village street outside of the central business district, including residential areas and all public streets outside of the downtown area, from the hours of 1:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. Parking is not allowed in the central business district from 2:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m.

There are several reasons the Village does not allow overnight parking without prior approval. The first being the need for the facilitation of street sweeping and snow removal. The Barrington Public Work’s Department must have our streets clear in order to safely conduct these operations. Another reason for the prohibition allows for the Village to be a more attractive place with vehicles off the roadway and parked in driveways. Finally, when vehicles are parked or abandoned on the street at night, they can be targets of theft and vandalism. Having off-street parking allows our patrol officers and residents to easily identify vehicles that may not belong to a resident or a guest.

We understand that there are times when our residents will need to park on the street. Some of these reasons include a driveway being re-paved, the driver is a care provider, or hosting out-of-town guests. If you need to park overnight for these or other reasons, please call ahead of time to (847) 304-3300. You will be asked for some basic vehicle information and, provided this isn’t an abused occurrence, we will typically grant approval to park overnight. 

Click here for additional parking regulations.

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