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Cultural Commission

The Barrington Cultural Commission is a 12-member body whose purpose is to help create, coordinate and cross-promote cultural activities occurring in the Village. Many local groups are represented, including Barrington High School, the Library, the Park District, the Barrington Area Artist’s Association, Bataille Academie of the Danse and Quintessential Barrington magazine, among others.

The Barrington Cultural Commission’s goal is to promote Barrington as a cultural hub. We’re bringing the arts alive in the Village of Barrington in an effort to grow creatively, bring attention to our artists and highlight our community. Barrington Cultural Commission events are most often held at Barrington’s White House the Village’s beautiful cultural arts center, with ongoing performances and events spanning classical string trios, intimate theater productions, guest lectures, and more.  The Cultural Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month at Barrington’s White House at 12PM.

    Cultural Commission Members

    • Dee Dee Gallagher Johnson, Co-Chairperson
    • Dave Nelson, Co-Chairperson
    • Thomas Balsamo
    • Tiffany Marshall
    • Erin Mast
    • Joyce Palmquist
    • Jack Schaefer
    • Pam Conroy
    • Lisa Stamos
    • Janette Tepas
    • Peer Lykke
    • Stephanie Walker
    • Hayley Schommer, Ex Officio
    • Brigid Tileston, Ex Officio
    • Karen Darch, Ex Officio

    Working Groups

     Visual Arts

    • Thomas Balsamo (Chair)
    • Janette Tepas (Project Manager)
    • Barbara Benson
    • Tony Ciganek
    • Rollin Potter
    • Diane Hynes


    • Pam Conroy (Chair)
    • Mary Anne Block
    • David Conroy
    • Doug Saylor
    • Joyce Palmquist
    • Rollin Potter
    • Joanne Potter


    • Jack Schaefer (Chair)
    • Mary Klest (Project Manager)
    • Ellen Douville
    • Stephanie Walker
    • John McLaughlin
    • Pam Weinert


      • Peer Lykke (Chair)
      • Barbara Benson
      • Erin Mast
      • Ken Muson
      • Joyce Palmquist
      • Jack Schaefer
      • Hayley Schommer
      • Janette Tepas
      • Conor Libit


      • Lisa Stamos (Chair)
      • Rollin Potter
      • Clancy Potts
      • Kate Himes



      • Dave Nelson (Chair)
      • Rollin Potter
      • Brigid Tileston
        Cultural Commission