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Historic District Survey

The Barrington Historic District was first surveyed in 1984, by Hasbrouck Hunderman Architects, on behalf of the Barrington Area Historical Society. Shortly thereafter, the Society successfully applied to the U.S. Department of the Interior to have Barrington’s Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2001, the Village of Barrington enacted zoning regulations to require historic preservation within the District, formally establishing it as the Historic Preservation Overlay District.

To provide an updated reference document for properties in the Historic Overlay District, the Village commissioned Thomason and Associates, nationally recognized historic preservation planners, to conduct a new survey of the District. Field work and the draft survey were presented to the Village in early 2005. The Village’s Architectural Review Commission and Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee completed a joint review of the survey in December of 2005.

The Village recently passed amended zoning regulations and Design Guidelines to preserve the historic appearance of buildings in the District while allowing certain updated material replacements consistent with the design, dimension, profile and texture of the original exterior materials.  In addition, all detached garages have been classified as Noncontributing.

The document provides certain basic information for each of the more than 350 properties in the Historic Overlay District:

  • Address
  • Approximate date of construction
  • Shape of the principal building
  • Architectural style of the principal building
  • Contributing or Noncontributing classification of each building
  • History of Distinctive Features of the Structure(s)

Jennifer Tennant

Assistant Director of Development Services

(847) 304-3462


Applebee Street

Applebee Street Survey (PDF)

110ca. 1910Side GabledFolk w/Dutch Colonial influenceCNC
114ca. 1920Gable FrontCraftsmanCNC
118ca. 1885Gabled EllFolk, Queen Anne influencedC-
126-130ca. 1900Multi-Gabled Rectangular Gable FrontFolkCNC
219ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
223ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanC-
227ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
231ca. 1915Gabled EllFolk (attached to 131 Harrison)CNC

South Cook Street

Cook Street Survey (PDF)

201ca. 1873RectangularItalianate influenceC-
205ca. 1899Cross Gable FrontColonial Revival influenceC-
207-209ca. 1862Gabled EllQueen AnneC-
210-212ca. 1915IrregularN/ANC-
2201990Gable FrontN/ANC-
222ca. 1880Gable FrontN/ANC-
300ca. 1900Cross GabledQueen AnneCNC
305ca. 1880Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
308ca. 2007 N/A NC NC
309ca. 1880Gabled EllItalianateCNC
312ca. 1872Gable FrontGothic RevivalCNC
3162003Gabled EllN/ANCNC
319ca. 1862Gabled EllFolkCNC
4001862Gabled EllFolkCNC
401ca. 1900RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
406ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
407ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
412ca. 1915RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
413ca. 1890Gabled EllColonial Revival and Eastlake influenceCNC
417ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkC-
418ca. 1875Gabled EllFolk VictorianC-
w/Italianate influence
500ca. 1860Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
5011889Gabled EllFolkCNC
505ca. 1945Side Gabled w/ additionN/ANCNC
508ca. 1905RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
515ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkCNC
516ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
517ca. 1930Gable Front w/additionCraftsmanCNC
522ca. 1910Side Gabled w/ cross gableDutch Colonial RevivalCNC
523ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
528ca. 1990RectangularN/ANC-
529ca. 1915Gable FrontCraftsmanCNC
534ca. 1990Gabled EllN/ANC
535ca. 1965RectangularN/ANCNC
539ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
540ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
545ca. 1920Gabled EllCraftsmanCNC
546ca. 1905RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
549ca. 1905Gable FrontFolkCNC
603ca. 1915AsymmetricalColonial RevivalNCNC
604ca. 1978Gabled EllN/ANC-
606ca. 1980Side GabledN/ANC-
609ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
610ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC
614ca. 1985Gabled EllN/ANCNC
615ca. 1950Gabled EllN/ANC-
618ca. 1985Gabled EllN/ANC-
619ca. 1905Gable FrontFolkCNC
625ca. 2014Side GabledColonial Revival InfluenceNCNC
628ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC
631ca. 1915Gable FrontFolkCNC
634ca, 1905Gable FrontFolkCNC
635ca. 1935Side GabledDutch Colonial RevivalCNC
640ca. 1930Side GabledFolkCNC
643ca. 1990Gabled EllN/ANCNC
644ca. 1930Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
647ca. 1945Side GabledMinimal TraditionalNCNC
648ca. 1930RectangularCraftsmanCNC
652ca. 1950RectangularMinimal TraditionalNCNC

Coolidge Avenue

Coolidge Avenue Survey (PDF)

110ca. 1930Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
115ca. 1920RectangularCraftsmanCNC
116ca. 1955Gabled EllColonial Revival influenceNCNC
119ca. 1920Side GabledColonial RevivalCNC
120ca. 1920Gabled EllFolk, French Countryside influenceCNC
123ca. 1955Side Gabled w/ Front GableColonial RevivalNCNC
124ca. 1915Gable FrontFolk w/Craftsman influenceCNC
128ca. 1930Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
129ca. 1925Side GabledDutch ColonialCNC
132ca. 1930Gabled EllTudor RevivalCNC
135ca. 1962Side GabledN/ANC-
136ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
141ca. 1910Gable Front w/ wingFolkCNC
2001934Gable FrontFolkCNC
201ca. 1960RectangularN/ANC-
205ca. 2013RectangularAmerican Foursquare InfluenceNCNC
206ca. 1930Gabled EllTudor RevivalCNC
209ca. 1960Gabled EllN/ANC-
212ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
215ca. 1930Gabled EllCraftsmanCNC
218ca. 1955Gabled EllRanchNCNC
221ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
225ca. 1935Gable FrontCraftsmanCNC
226ca. 1995Gabled EllQueen Anne influenceNCNC
227ca. 1930Gabled EllN/ANCNC
230ca. 1930Side GabledFolkCNC
231ca. 1930Gable FrontN/ANCNC
234ca. 1930Side GabledNeo-Cape CodNCNC
235ca. 1970Gabled EllN/ANC-
238ca. 1880Gable FrontFolkCNC
239ca. 1930Side Gabled w/ wingsColonial RevivalC-
244ca. 1980Side GabledDutch Colonial RevivalNCNC
247ca. 1945AsymmetricalN/ANC-
250ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC

Dundee Avenue

Dundee Avenue Survey (PDF)

109ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk Victorian w/ Italianate influenceC-
114ca. 1930Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
115ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkC-
118ca. 1915RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
119ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
200ca. 1915Gabled EllFolk w/Tudor influenceCNC
203ca. 1894AsymmetricalFolkC-
207ca. 1894Side GabledFolk w/Queen Anne influenceC-
208ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
212ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
216ca. 1910Gable FrontN/ANCNC
306ca. 1915Gable FrontN/ANC-
308ca. 1915Gable FrontFolkCNC
316ca. 1910Gable FrontItalianateCNC

South Grove Avenue

South Grove Avenue Survey (PDF)

300ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
303ca. 1890Front GableFolkCNC
308ca. 1880Cross GabledQueen AnneNCNC
309ca. 1900RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
312ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
313ca. 1974Front Gable w/additionItalianateCNC
318ca. 1885Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
319ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk Victorian w/Italianate influenceCNC
400ca. 1930Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
410ca. 1880Cross GabledQueen AnneCNC
411ca. 1890Double Front GableFolkCNC
416ca. 1927Side GabledTudor RevivalCNC
417ca. 1985Gabled EllN/ANCNC
502ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkCNC
503ca. 1885Gabled EllFolkCNC
506ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC
507ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
512ca. 1925RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
513ca. 1905AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
516ca. 1900Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
517ca. 1890Cross GabledFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
520ca. 2015 N/A N/A NC NC 
525ca. 1945Side GabledColonial RevivalCNC
526ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkCNC
528ca. 1900Front GableFolkCNC
532ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkC-
533ca. 1975Side GabledN/ANC-
536ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareC-
539ca. 1880Front GableFolk w/Italianate influenceCNC
542ca. 1910Front Gable w/additionFolkC-
545ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
548ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC
601ca. 1935Gabled EllCraftsmanCNC
602ca.2000Side GabledN/ANCNC
608ca. 1915Side GabledCraftsmanNCNC
609ca. 1870Cross GabledFolkCNC
614ca. 1880RectangularItalianateCNC
615ca. 1880Cross GabledItalianateCNC
616ca. 1910RectangularColonial Revival influencedCNC
621ca. 1995AsymmetricalNeo-VictorianNCNC
622ca. 1910Cross GabledQueen Anne w/Dutch Colonial Revival influenceCNC
625ca. 1911Gabled EllFolkCNC
628ca. 1910Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
631ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
634ca. 1970Front GableN/ANC-
637ca. 1920RectangularCraftsmanCNC
640ca. 1960Gabled EllRanchNC-
643ca. 1890Cross GabledFolkCNC
644ca. 1920Front GableCraftsman w/Norman influenceCNC
649ca. 1915Rectangular w/ additionAmerican FoursquareNC-
650ca. 1970Gabled EllN/ANC-
655ca. 1940Gabled Ell w/WingColonial RevivalNC-

Harrison Street

Harrison Street Survey (PDF)

109ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
115ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareC-
121ca. 1910Gable FrontFolkCNC
125ca. 1915Side GabledFolkCNC
131ca. 1915Gabled EllFolk (231 Applebee St attached)CNC

Hillside Avenue

Hillside Avenue Survey (PDF)

100 -120 Eca. 1980ApartmentsN/ANC-
102-114 Wca. 1980ApartmentsN/ANC-
108 Eca. 1883Gabled EllFolkCNC
112 Eca. 1970Side GabledRanchNC-
118 Eca. 1869Gable FrontFolkCNC
202 Eca. 1886Modified Gabled EllFolkCNC
206 E ca. 2007 N/A N/A NC NC 
212 Eca. 1880Gabled EllFolkC-
220 Eca. 1862AsymmetricalFolk VictorianCNC
302 Eca. 1950Side GabledN/ANC-

South Hough Street

South Hough Street Survey (PDF)

2001898RectangularItalianate (Village Hall)NC-
214ca. 1947Gable FrontN/ANC-
303ca. 1910AsymmetricalFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
400ca. 1900RectangularAmerican FoursquareC-
403ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
407ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
413ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC
414ca. 1880RectangularFolk w/Italianate influenceC-
417ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
418ca. 1930Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
502ca. 1980Side GabledN/ANCNC
506ca. 1930Gabled EllTudor RevivalCNC
507ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
512ca. 1880RectangularFolk w/Italianate influenceCNC
515ca. 1930Side GabledTudor RevivalCNC
521ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk Victorian w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
522ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
529ca. 1870Gabled EllFolk Victorian w/Italianate influenceCNC
530ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkCNC
536ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkCNC
540ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
5411891AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
546ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkCNC
547ca. 1880Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
602ca.1956Side GabledColonial Revival (Township Offices)NC-
603ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk VictorianC-
615ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
619ca. 1900RectangularFolkCNC
620ca. 1970Apartment ComplexN/ANCNC
627ca. 1930Side GabledFolk w/Colonial Revival influenceC-
627*ca. 1930Gable FrontFolk (Guest House)C-
633ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
638ca. 1890Rectangular intersecting gablesFolk Victorian w/Italianate influenceCNC
640ca. 1970RectangularN/ANCNC
645ca. 1925Side GabledColonial RevivalCNC
647ca. 2000RectangularN/ANCNC
648ca. 1930Gable FrontCraftsmanCNC
652ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC

West Lake Street

West Lake Street Survey (PDF)

106ca. 1890RectangularAmerican Foursquare w/Victorian influenceCNC
1141891AsymmetricalQueen Anne w/Italianate influenceCNC
118ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
1211889Gable FrontFolk VictorianCNC
1251886Gabled EllFolkCNC
126ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
1301890AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
135ca. 1880AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
138ca. 1940Side GabledTudor Revival influenceNCNC
141ca. 1890AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
142ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
145ca. 1885Gabled EllFolk w/Greek Revival influenceCNC
200ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
2011887Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
2081891AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
209ca. 1884Gabled EllFolkCNC
213ca. 1910RectangularFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
2161889AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
217ca. 1905AsymmetricalFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
226ca. 1880AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC
227ca. 1880Gabled EllQueen AnneCNC
230ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
233ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
236ca. 1890Gabled EllFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
239ca. 1880Cross GabledQueen AnneCNC
240ca. 1910AsymmetricalFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
245ca. 1890AsymmetricalFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
246ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
249ca. 1905Gabled EllFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
250ca. 1915Rectangular w/additionFolkCNC
303ca. 1930Cross GabledTudor RevivalCNC

Lill Street

Lill Street Survey (PDF)

419ca. 1955Side GabledMinimal TraditionalNC-

East Lincoln Avenue

East Lincoln Avenue Survey (PDF)

115ca. 1940Gabled EllN/ANCNC
213ca. 1920Gable FrontFolkC-
215ca. 1915AsymmetricalFolkCNC
3011950Gabled EllColonial Revival (Community Church)NC-
312ca. 1890AsymmetricalFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
316ca. 1902RectangularAmerican FoursquareC-
317ca. 1890Gable FrontFolkCNC

West Lincoln Avenue

West Lincoln Avenue Survey (PDF)

1151893Cross GableNeogothicNC-
121ca. 1900RectangularAmerican FoursquareC-
127-129ca. 1875AsymmetricalItalianateC-
132ca. 1950Side-GabledN/ANCNC
1331910Gable FrontFolkCNC
137ca. 1895Gable FrontFolk w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
138ca. 1875Gabled EllQueen AnneCNC
140ca. 1990DuplexN/ANCNC
141ca. 1900Gabled EllFolkCNC
200ca. 1905Gable FrontFolkCNC
203ca. 1915RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
204ca. 1880Gabled Ell with wingFolkCNC
209ca. 1910RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
212ca. 1880Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
213ca. 1925Side-GabledCraftsmanCNC
217ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkCNC
222ca. 1880Gabled EllFolk w/Craftsman influenceCNC
223ca. 1880Gable FrontFolkCNC
228ca. 1930Side-GabledColonial RevivalCNC
229ca. 1920Side-GabledCraftsmanCNC
234ca. 1910Cross GableDutch ColonialCNC
235ca. 1906RectangularFolkCNC
238ca. 1880Gabled EllFolk VictorianCNC
239ca. 1910Gable FrontFolkCNC
244ca. 1920Side-GabledQueen AnneCNC
245ca. 1920RectangularAmerican Foursquare w/ Colonial Rev/Prairie influenceCNC
247ca. 1985Side-GabledColonial RevivalNCNC
248ca. 1920Side-GabledCraftsmanCNC

West Main Street

West Main Street Survey (PDF)

1451898AsymmetricalQueen Anne w/Colonial Revival influenceC-
149ca. 1940RectangularColonial Revival w/Georgian influenceC-
201ca. 1895Gabled EllFolkC-
204ca. 1880Cross GabledQueen AnneCNC
205ca. 1890Side GabledQueen AnneCNC
209ca. 1900RectangularFolkCNC
210ca. 1915RectangularAmerican FoursquareC-
2121889Gable FrontFolk Victorian w/Italianate influenceC-
213ca. 1910Gabled EllFolkCNC
2181898Gabled EllFolk w/Italianate influenceC-
2231881OctogonItalianate influenceC-
224ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkC-
228ca. 1910AsymmetricalQueen AnneC-
231ca. 1900RectangularAmerican Foursquare w/Queen Anne influenceCNC
237ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
301ca. 1890AsymmetricalFolk w/Italianate influenceC-
302ca. 1900Gable FrontFolkCNC
308ca. 1900Gabled EllQueen AnneCNC
312ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
316ca. 1900Gabled Ell att. to Front GableFolk VictorianCNC
317ca. 1930AsymmetricalCraftsmanCNC

East Russell Street

East Russell Street Survey (PDF)

106ca. 1915Gable FrontFolkCNC
112ca. 1880Gabled EllFolkC-
206ca. 1920Gable FrontFolkC-
211ca. 1930Side GabledFolk w/Craftsman influenceCNC

West Russell Street

West Russell Street Survey (PDF)

111ca. 1970Side-GabledMinimal TraditionalNCNC
119ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
124ca. 1920Side GabledFolk w/Craftsman influenceCNC
125ca. 1930Side Gabled w/front gableCraftsman w/Colonial Revival influenceCNC
130ca. 1927Side GabledTudor RevivalCNC
131ca. 1927Cross GabledCraftsmanCNC
134ca. 1920Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
135ca. 1915RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
139ca. 1925Gable FrontCraftsmanC-
1402004Modified Gable FrontN/ANC-
200ca. 1925Side GabledCraftsmanCNC
201ca. 1900Gabled EllN/ANCNC
2061888AsymmetricalFolk w/Craftsman influenceCNC
207ca. 1930Side GabledFolk w/Craftsman influenceCNC
212ca. 1920Gabled EllFolkCNC
213ca. 1910Gable FrontFolkCNC
218ca. 1920Gable FrontFolk-NC
219ca. 1910Gable FrontFolkCNC
223ca. 1925Side Gabled w/front gableCraftsmanCNC
227ca. 1947Side GabledColonial RevivalNC-
228ca. 1945Side GabledColonial RevivalNCNC
233ca. 1960Gabled EllMinimal TraditionalNC-
234ca. 1960Side GabledRanchNCNC
238ca. 1940Side GabledDutch Colonial RevivalNCNC
2391929Side GabledSears - Colonial RevivalCNC
244ca. 1930RectangularCraftsmanCNC
245UnknownGabled EllN/ANCNC
248ca. 1935RectangularCraftsmanCNC
249ca. 1930AsymmetricalQueen AnneCNC

West Station Street

West Station Street Survey (PDF)

131ca. 1920Gable Front w/rear additionCraftsmanCNC
135ca. 1900Gable FrontFolkCNC
137ca. 1910Gable FrontFolk VictorianCNC
142ca. 1890AsymmetricalFolk VictorianNC-
145ca. 1930RectangularCraftsmanC-
148ca. 1915Gable FrontFolkCNC
200ca. 1910Gable FrontFolkCNC
201ca. 1853Side GabledColonial RevivalC-
202ca. 1930RectangularCraftsmanCNC
205ca. 1945Gable FrontN/ANCNC
207ca. 1896RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
208ca. 1940Side GabledColonial RevivalNC-
214ca. 1890Gabled EllFolkC-
217ca. 1920RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
218ca. 1900Gable FrontCraftsmanCNC
221ca. 1950Side GabledN/ANCNC
228ca. 1920RectangularAmerican FoursquareCNC
234ca. 1945Side GabledColonial RevivalNCNC
237ca. 1910Modified Gabled EllFolkCNC
242ca. 1930Gable FrontFolkC-

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