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Home Occupations

A completed and approved Business Registration/Zoning Certificate Application is required prior to the establishment and/or operation of a Home Occupation.


An occupation carried on in a dwelling unit by the resident thereof; provided that the use is limited in extent and incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes and does not change the character thereof.    The fact that a particular occupation or profession does not directly or indirectly impose a charge or receive a fee or other remuneration is not in itself determinative of whether that activity falls within the definition of “home occupation”. 

General Requirements 

All Home Occupations shall comply with the following standards:
  • The operator of every Home Occupation shall reside in the dwelling unit in which the home occupation operates.
  • The Home Occupation use shall be conducted entirely within a completely enclosed structure.
  • The Home Occupation shall not interfere with the delivery of utilities or other services to the area.
  • The Home Occupation shall not generate any noise, vibrations, smoke, dust, odor, heat, glare, or electrical interference with radio or television transmission in the area that would exceed that which is normally produced by a dwelling unit in a zoning district used solely for residential purposes.
  • No toxic, explosive, flammable, radioactive or other restricted or hazardous material shall be used, sold or stored on the site.
  • There shall be no alteration of the residential appearance of the premises, including the creation of a separate, or exclusive, business entrance(s).
  • Signs for Home Occupations shall be prohibited.
  • No clients/pupils shall be permitted between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • No outdoor display or storage of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment shall be allowed.
  • The Home Occupation shall, at all times, comply with all other applicable laws and ordinances.

Specific Requirements

  • The total area used for the Home Occupation shall not exceed fifteen (15) percent or four hundred (400) square feet (whichever is less) of the habitable floor area of the dwelling.
  • The direct sale of products off display shelves or racks shall be prohibited.
  • No more than one (1) person, other than a resident of the dwelling unit, shall be employed on premises in connection with the operation of the Home Occupation.
  • No more than three (3) clients shall, at one time, avail themselves to a product and/or service provided by a Home Occupation nor shall more than six (6) clients avail themselves to a product and/or service during a twenty-four (24) hour period.
  • Off-street parking shall be required for all employees of a Home Occupation. Off-street parking for Home Occupations shall comply with Section 4.10-4 (Parking Restrictions for Single Family Dwellings).
  • Deliveries pertaining to the Home Occupation shall be limited to such deliveries as would be normal and incidental to a residential use. Further, traffic circulation shall not be restricted or disturbed as a result of a delivery to a Home Occupation.
  • Permitted Home Occupations shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
    • Attorney, CPA, Salesman, Architect/Landscape Architect, Engineer, Interior Designer, Graphic Artist, Word Processor and Consultant.
    • Art Studios provided no retail business is conducted on the premises.
    • Work processing and typing services.
    • Therapists, social workers, human service professionals.
    • Mail order businesses, for receipt of mail order only.
    • Telephone sales.
    • Teaching, instructing, tutoring, or counseling.
    • Other uses similar to those listed in Section 4.6, as determined by the Zoning Official, subject to the provisions of Section 3.16 (Appeals).

Prohibited Home Occupations

Certain uses by their nature of investment or operation have a pronounced tendency, once commenced, to expand beyond the scope of activity permitted for Home Occupations, and thereby impair the integrity of the residential district in which they are located. For this reason, the following uses, regardless of their compliance with the standards in Sections 4.6-3 and/or 4.6-4, are prohibited as Home Occupations:

  • Any repair of motorized vehicles such as repair or painting of autos, trucks, trailer, boats and lawn equipment.
  • Animal hospitals, Animal rescue uses, Kennels, stables, Animal breeding, raising of Animals for sale, bird keeping facilities or bee keeping facilities.
  • Clubs, including fraternities and sororities.
  • Firearms Sales and Services
  • Funeral Homes.
  • Medical Cannabis Cultivation Center
  • Medical Cannabis Dispensing Organization
  • Nursing Homes.
  • Offices, Medical/Dental
  • Personal Services Establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Warehousing
  • Welding or machine shops
  • Short term rentals as defined in Section 4.6-6
  • Other uses similar to those listed in Section 4.6-5, as determined by the Zoning Official, subject to the provisions of Section 3.18 (Appeals)

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