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2021 Comprehensive Plan

Every 10 years, the Village of Barrington undertakes the review of its Comprehensive Plan in order to take stock of where our Village is to date and where we would like to go in the future. The Comprehensive Plan covers land use, neighborhoods, housing, transportation, community design, character, and more.   The first step in the 2021 Comprehensive Plan update was a resident survey.  From that survey, we gained many insights on where the community stands on certain issues and what our residents view as the most important priorities moving forward.   Throughout 2019-2020 the Village held a series of ten (10) public participation meetings which were attended by approximately 340 members of the community! The community provided excellent feedback on a variety of topics including neighborhood specific concerns, desired bike and pedestrian improvements, traffic and transportation, economic development, environmental sustainability, etc.  Following the neighborhood meetings, the Village Plan Commission and staff held several workshops to review draft the changes to the document.   On April 26, 2021, the Village Board approved the 2021 Comprehensive Plan.

The 2021 Comprehensive Plan serves as the official policy guide for future developments and physical improvements that will fulfill the consensus vision for the Village of Barrington. The vision for the Village of Barrington is to preserve the Village’s character and small-town feel while maintaining a prosperous economic base, promoting the quality of its neighborhoods, providing appropriate, efficient and diverse transportation opportunities and protecting its extensive natural resources and environmental character. The Comprehensive Plan should serve as a guide to address:

  • Land use and development in the Village;
  • Enhanced and continued revitalization of the Village Center and the Route 14 business corridor;
  • Preservation of Barrington’s historical character and community design;
  • Continued implementation and enhancement of an efficient and safe multi-modal transportation system and related infrastructure; and
  • Protection and enhancement of environmental features and open space throughout the Village and the surrounding Barrington area.


2021 Comprehensive Plan (full document)

Note: 2020 Census Data will be added to the Plan upon its official release from the U.S. Census Bureau

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Assistant Director of Development Services

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