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Route 14 Underpass

Materials from the Phase 2 Public Information Meeting for the Route 14 underpass project including the video presentation and links to the meeting exhibits are below.  

Informational Meeting

Project Status

There are 3 Phases associated with large construction projects such as the Route 14 Underpass Project. Phase 1 is a preliminary engineering phase where project feasibility is assessed and big picture concepts such as project alignment, location, and scope are determined. Phase 2 is the design phase where comprehensive design work and details are developed and finalized and aesthetic improvements, such as landscaping and material selections are coordinated. Phase 3 is the construction phase,  when the project is built. The status of these three phases are noted below and will be updated throughout the project:

Phase 1:

Completed in 2014 

Phase 2:

Anticipated 2021-2023

Following an October 2019 STP funding award of $48 Million Dollars (Read More Here) the Village initiated the Phase 2 Consultant selection process. This selection was reviewed and approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Phase 2 coordination began in October of 2020.  Updated project renderings have been coordinated during Phase 2 and are linked on this website page.

As of September 2023, major items that have been moved forward include approval of the Plat of Highways, design of the railroad bridge, hydraulics reviews and coordination with Lake County Stormwater Management, Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding the relocation of Flint Creek.  The Creek relocation permitting has been fully submitted and pre-final plans are nearing completion. Detailed coordination with IDOT review teams for storm sewer and  pump design is ongoing.  The CN has completed layout review and structural review is underway.  IDOT is managing Land Acquisition for the project and is in the negotiations phase for all parcels.

Phase 3:

Tree Removals will be completed by the end of March 2024, Construction in Spring 2024

Construction of the Underpass has an anticipated duration of 18 Months – 2 Years. The exact start date of this work will depend on the Phase 2 IDOT and CN permitting review duration. Due to the current status of these items, the Village is targeting a March 2024 letting for the underpass project. The Village is coordinating an advance tree removal contract which is anticipated to commence in fall/winter of 2023 and will allow the underpass contract to proceed quickly into construction. This updated timeline is a result of recent coordination with IDOT, review of the proposed project staging and current status of Land Acquisition and has been coordinated with all funding sources.

Rendering from westbound Route 14 looking East at Lake Zurich Road toward Citizen’s Park


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Village Staff will review questions and comments and provide responses, or share comments with our Consultant for consideration during the design process. Frequently asked questions will continue to be updated and shared in the resources section, above.

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