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The Village of Barrington will continue electronic permit review and issuance procedures moving forward.  For information on how to submit your permit electronically or inquire about an existing permit please visit the Electronic Permit Submittal Page.

Does the Village allow short term residential rentals?

Why do I need a permit and/or an inspection?

What codes do you use?

Does the Village of Barrington issue over the counter permits?

Who should apply for permits? The property owner or the contractor?

Are permits required for one for one replacements such as driveways, roofs, fences, water heaters, etc.?

Is a permit required for a swing set?

Do I need to display the laminated green permit placard?

Is my property located in the Village of Barrington or under Village of Barrington jurisdiction for building permits?

I plan on constructing a new single family home in the Village of Barrington, what is my first step?

Do I need to hire an architect for my project?

What are the temporary sign requirements for my residential and/or commercial property?

Why does it take so long to fix a property maintenance issue?

I have received a notice of violation. What do I need to do?

Why does my commercial building need an annual fire inspection?

I'm looking to open a new business in an existing building. Do I need to install a fire sprinkler/fire alarm system?

Where can I outlet my downspouts/sump pump?

When is a permit required for grading, drainage or site work on my property?


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