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Development Services

The Development Services Department consists of several divisions that coordinate to plan and oversee construction of Village infrastructure projects and promote the safety and welfare of the residents of Barrington by enforcing development and building standards and codes in the Village. The Development Services Department works closely with all other Village Departments to ensure residents are receiving quality comprehensive service. 

The Department is responsible for maintaining, administering and enforcing the codes, ordinances, documents, maps and policies of the Village, related to engineering, building, planning, zoning, historic preservation, construction, property maintenance and health. 

The Development Services Department strives to enhance the overall streetscape experience of the Village as well as pedestrian, bike and vehicular connectivity in order to meet the ever-changing transportation needs of the community. The Department also administers the Village’s Activity Tracking and Geographic Information System software, programs and databases.
Village hall
Left to Right: Tomasz Szczuka (GIS Coordinator), Esmeralda Nava (Administrative Assistant), Susan Elder (Administrative Assistant), Jennifer Tennant  (Assistant Director), Jim Errico (Building/Fire Safety Inspector), Greg Summers (Director), Bryan Ackerlund (Plan Examiner), Marie Hansen (Village Engineer), Gary Most (Project Manager), Andrew Binder (Planning & Zoning Coordinator - not pictured) 

Development Services Staff
The Development Services Department is led by Director, Greg Summers.  Greg came to the Village in July 2008.  In addition to his role as Director of Development Services (overseeing the planning, zoning, engineering, building, property maintenance, historic preservation, geographic information systems and health divisions) Greg also serves as the Zoning Official, Building Official and Health Official of the Village and administers the Village's cellular tower property leases and contracts. 

Jennifer Tennant, Assistant Director, started with the Village in June 2008. In addition to her role as Assistant Director, Jennifer is responsible for overseeing planning, zoning and historic preservation activities of the Village as well as special projects.  She is also the staff liaison to the Architectural Review Commission and Plan Commission.

Marie Hansen, Village Engineer, joined the Village in January 2017.  Marie reviews all engineering permits including grading, drainage, and code compliance as well as administering the Village's capital improvement construction programs.  She also serves on the department Safety Committee.

Jim Errico, Building Inspector, joined the Village in July 2015.  Jim conducts building inspections and conducts annual fire safety inspections.  Jim is also a member of the department Safety Committee.

Bryan Ackerlund, Plan Examiner, joined the Village in April 2018.  Bryan reviews plans for code compliance and manages the Village's property maintenance program.

Gary Most, Project Manager, joined the Village in July of 2007.  Gary is also the field manager for the Village's capital improvement construction projects.

Andrew Binder, Planning and Zoning Coordinator, joined the Village in August 2018.  Andrew reviews all permits for zoning compliance and handles all zoning and signage inquires. Andrew also serves as the staff liaison to the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Susan Elder,  Administrative Assistant, joined the Village in June of 2010 and serves as the primary point of contact for customer inquiries, both in person and via telephone call.

Esmeralda Nava, Administrative Assistant, joined the Village in April of 2018 and serves as a point of contact for customer inquiries as well as transcribing all Architectural Review Board, Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals minutes. 

Building Division
The Building Division is responsible for assisting developers and residents in complying with state and local construction codes. This division enforces accessibility, building, sprinkler, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and property maintenance codes.  All permit plan reviews, permit processing, inspections and issuance of certificates of occupancy are coordinated through the Building Division. Responsibilities also include: collection and refund of bond and escrow accounts, maintenance of records on all construction activity and property maintenance tracking.   This division provides staff support to the Electrical Commission, as well as providing interpretation and enforcement of all Building Codes and the Property Maintenance Code. Together with the Engineering Division, the Building Division manages Village construction projects.

Engineering Division
The Engineering Division is responsible for developing and implementing plans for the Village's infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, water, sewer and storm water management systems. The Engineering Division aims to enhance the Village's infrastructure through innovation and comprehensive long-term planning. The Engineering Division is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Village's storm water ordinance, field inspections, review of permits for engineering compliance and review of the Village's overall storm water conveyance and detention systems, water system, sewerage system, as well as street and sidewalk connectivity.

GIS & Mapping Division
The GIS Division provides mapping and spatial information resources for Village projects, programs, record keeping and staff member support. The Village of Barrington utilizes GIS to advance data-sharing, interdepartmental coordination, enhance public services and apply sound decision-making. 

Planning & Zoning Division
The Planning & Zoning Division works with developers, residents, and business owners to interpret and apply the Village's Zoning Ordinance, including the Village's Historical Preservation Overlay District regulations and design guidelines. The Planning & Zoning Division also handles planned developents, variations and special use petitions through the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, as well as historical and non-historical Architectural Review Commission petitions. 

Development Services Department

200 South Hough Street
Barrington, Illinois 60010
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Greg Summers,

Director of Development Services
Greg Summers gsummers@barrington-il.gov

Jennifer Tennant,

Assistant Director of Development Services
Jennifer tennant jtennant@barrington-il.gov

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