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Mark Kasperski, Code Enforcement Inspector

The Village of Barrington will continue electronic permit review and issuance procedures throughout Restore Illinois Phase 3 and 4.  The Village is evaluating permit procedures and how to safely and efficiently serve the community moving forward.  For information on how to submit your permit electronically or inquire about an existing permit please visit the Electronic Permit Submittal Page 

The Village of Barrington implements and enforces the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code. Copies of the Property Maintenance code are available for viewing at Village Hall.

If you would like to report a property maintenance violation on a property within the Village of Barrington, please complete a Property Maintenance Form.  All of our property maintenance violations are dealt with on an anonymous basis but we encourage complaintants to include their contact information so we can provide follow-up and status information as it becomes available.  This form can be emailed to selder@barrington-il.gov, faxed to the Development Services Department at (847) 381-1056 or returned to Village Hall at 200 S. Hough Street, Barrington, IL 60010.

property maintenance1Snow Removal Requirements
Information on business and residential snow removal requirements can be found here.

Weeds/Nuisance Vegetation
Weeds or plant growth, in all zoning districts, shall not exceed (10) inches. All noxious weeds are prohibited. A list of prohibited weeds can be found here.

Vehicle Parking
Parking of all vehicles, in all zoning districts, must be maintained in a neat and orderly manner. All motor vehicles (passenger, commercial, occupational, recreational) shall be parked on an approved paved surface.

Recreational/Commercial/Occupational Vehicle Parking
  • A maximum of two (2) recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles and/or occupational vehicles may be stored or parked on the exterior of any property in a residential district.
  • Recreational and/or commercial vehicles may be stored or parked in the rear yard but not within the side yard setback.
  • All Recreational and commercial vehicles must be parked on a driveway or other approved hard surface.
  • All recreational and commercial vehicles must be screened from adjacent properties and from public right-of-way by an approved fence or wall which is six (6) feet in height or by a hedge which is at least six (6) feet in height.

You may be in violation if your property exhibits one or more of the following conditions/violations: 
(The following list is not comprehensive of all possible property maintenance code violations)

  • Failure to remove snow within the specified time frame
  • Weeds
  • Accumulation of trash
  • Inoperable or unregistered vehicles stored on private property
  • Broken windows
  • Graffiti
  • Loose siding and/or fascia
  • Fences/gates in disrepair
  • Peeling exterior paint on primary and/or accessory structures
  • Illegal parking of recreational vehicles

Property Maintenance concerns should be directed to the Building Division at (847) 304-3460 where a Property Maintenance Inspector will be promptly assigned to investigate the issue.

property maintenance2   property maintenance3
Before Compliance                             After Compliance


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