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Jay Beverly

Project Manager
The Village of Barrington will continue electronic permit review and issuance procedures  moving forward.  For information on how to submit your permit electronically or inquire about an existing permit please visit the Electronic Permit Submittal Page

The Engineering Division is responsible for developing and implementing plans for the Village's infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, water, sewer and storm water management systems. The Engineering Division aims to enhance the Village's infrastructure through innovation and comprehensive long-term planning. The Engineering Division is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Village's storm water ordinance, field inspections, review of permits for engineering compliance and review of the Village's overall storm water conveyance and detention systems, water system, sewerage system as well as street and sidewalk connectivity.

Lake County Stormwater Management Ordinance
The Village of Barrington’s Storm Water Management Regulations meet the minimum requirements of the Lake County Stormwater Management Ordinance and any project within the Village of Barrington corporate limits must meet these requirements. The Village of Barrington Storm Water Management Regulations are located in Title 10, Chapter 9 of the Village Code.

FEMA Floodplain Information
The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) regulates floodplain information and requirements. The FEMA floodplain maps are available for viewing at the FEMA Website. The maps can be viewed, printed or purchased on this site. It is a common occurrence for a real estate agent to confirm that a property is out of the floodplain or floodway prior to the sale of a property.

What to do if a resident has a storm water issue in the Village of Barrington
The most common storm water issues on residential lots usually involve poor drainage. Over time certain areas on a lot will experience slight changes in elevation or the ground will sink or expand based on environmental conditions. When this happens there is sometimes a simple solution to solve the issue. The homeowner may re-grade the area or install a drain tile or storm sewer pipe to move the water away from the area. Either of these actions require a permit and you must call the Development Services Department prior to any earthmoving operations, especially prior to bringing in any soil, dirt, or fill to raise a portion of a property. Please contact the Development Services Department with any questions and a staff member will be happy to discuss the situation or meet with the resident or homeowner at the subject property.

Additional Stormwater Management Resources


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