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New Commuter Parking Program Information - Effective Oct. 1.

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General Parking Information - Effective through September 30, 2019

A wide variety of parking for residents, shoppers, employer/employees, and commuters is available throughout the Village of Barrington. Descriptions of the various types of parking and the regulations related to parking appear below. For an interactive map of all parking areas in the downtown, click here.

Residential Parking Regulations 

General residential parking is available throughout the Village; please pay careful attention to the parking regulation signs in the area where you are parking, in order to avoid receiving a citation. 

Parking at night: Do not park your vehicle on Village streets or alleys between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Parking regulations are strictly enforced during these hours, to provide security for your neighborhood and to facilitate street cleaning.

Parking when it snows:
Parking is prohibited on Village streets when snow accumulation exceeds two inches. Please help our snow removal efforts by parking your vehicles in the driveway whenever snowfall reaches two inches or more. 

Parking in yards:
Any vehicle that can be licensed to use on the street must either be parked in the driveway or the garage, not in the yard. If a vehicle is determined to be inoperable, it must be stored in the garage, or removed from the property. 

Overnight Parking Regulations

Overnight parking is prohibited throughout the Village.  Exceptions for overnight parking can be made for reverse commuters and special occasions, as follows:  

Overnight Parking in the Commuter Lots
Reverse commuters (those who wish to park overnight in the commuter parking lots) may park overnight only in Lot #17 (see map) at the north end of the North Commuter parking lot. Overnight parking in this lot requires a special permit.  Each vehicle is limited to a maximum of three (3) consecutive nights at $10/night.  You can conveniently pay for your overnight parking permit with any mobile device using Passport Mobile Pay.  To purchase a permit, simply download the PassportParking app for iOS or Android or by going to m.ppprk.com from mobile or desktop browser - Enter Zone No. 604 for overnight parking.  You can also purchase an overnight parking permit with our automated voice system by calling (847) 380-4332.  A small convenience fee is charged when using this service. 

On-Street Overnight Parking 

The Village allows for on-street parking throughout the day. For those looking to park overnight, it is not allowed on any village street outside of the central business district, including residential areas and all public streets outside of the downtown area, from the hours of 1:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. Parking is not allowed in the central business district from 2:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m.

The streets must be clear overnight in order to safely conduct street cleaning and snow removal operations.  Also, when vehicles are parked or abandoned on the street at night, they can be targets of theft and vandalism. Keeping vehicles off the streets overnight allows our patrol officers and residents to easily identify vehicles that may not belong to a resident or a guest.

We understand that there are times when our residents will need to park on the street, such as if a driveway were being re-paved, if the driver is a care provider, or if residents are hosting overnight guests.  If you need to park overnight on the street, please click here to register the vehicle(s).  Each vehicle is limited to only twelve (12) occurrences per year.  

Shopper Parking 
Shopper parking is available throughout the downtown, in municipal parking lots and on-street. Usually, but not always, shopper parking is three-hour parking; please pay careful attention to relevant signs in order to avoid a citation. Click here for a map which shows locations of Village parking lots and business areas with available on-street parking. 

Ten locations in the Village Center have been reserved for Employer/Employee Permit Parking only. These permits are available to people working in businesses in the Village Center. Employer/Employee permits are issued on a quarterly basis and cost $45 per quarter. Two annual permits are also available; a Premium Annual permit, which costs $160, and a Discount Annual permit, which costs $40, but is restricted to certain lots. Employer/Employee parking is in parking lots and certain designated on-street areas; maps of these locations are available at Village Hall. For a Quarterly permit application, click here. For a Premium Employee/er Annual permit application, click here. For a Discount Annual permit application, click here. 

Commuter Parking – North Lot

The North Commuter Parking Lot provides general parking on first-come, first-parked basis. The charge for the lot is $3.00 per day and commuters can pay with cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) at all payment stations.  Payment can also be made using Passport Mobile Pay.  Commuters can register online at m.ppprk.com or by calling (847) 380-4332.  Enter Zone No. 60010 for daily parking. A convenience fee is charged when using this service.

An alternative method of paying for parking in the North Lot is to purchase a parking permit for the lot, for $180 per calendar quarter. The permit is not pro-rated and is non-refundable. Click here for a North Commuter Lot parking permit application. PLEASE NOTE: there is no guarantee of a parking space, even when a permit is purchased. Typically, the lot is filled between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning; arriving in the lot before 7:00 a.m. is generally the best way to ensure getting a parking space. Parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays.  See above for overnight parking regulations.

Commuter Parking - South Lot

The South Commuter Parking Lot is for BACOG area residents (BACOG residents are those individuals who live within the incorporated limits of one the BACOG member communities: Barrington, Barrington Hills, Deer Park, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Tower Lakes). Residents of the Village of Barrington take precedence over the BACOG Villages in the issuance of a South Lot Permit; only BACOG area residents may get a permit for the South Lot. South Lot permits are available for $150 per calendar quarter.

There are no guaranteed parking spaces for the South Lot; the Village limits the number of permits sold for this lot to maximize the daily use of spaces while minimizing the possibility that a space may not be available to a permit holder. Spaces are available and utilized on a first-arrived priority basis. To be placed on a waiting list for permits, please click here.

“Reverse Commuter” Quarterly Permit Parking

Permits are also available for reverse commuters. They are sold on a quarterly basis. Click here for a Reverse Commute parking permit application.

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