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Police Policy Manual

The Barrington Police Policy Manual has been set forth and published for the overall operation, guidance, assistance and control of the sworn personnel and other members of the Barrington Police Department.

In the interest of an already professional police department, and to continue in that vein it shall be necessary to amend, revoke, delete or add to the Policy Manual as circumstances and controls may require. It must be kept in mind that no arbitrary guidelines can be established which will embrace all situations in the general discharge of police duties; some things must necessarily be left to the judgment and discretion of the individual. However, this discretion must not be used without good reason and must be used consistently.

This manual is updated regularly throughout the year, so please contact the police department at (847) 304-3300 or policeadmin@barrington-il.gov  to confirm the below link is the most up-to-date version.