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Extra Patrol Requests
You may contact the Police Department to request extra patrols of your residence or business due to suspicious activity or other concerns. 

Selective Traffic Enforcement
If you have specific complaints about traffic violations in your neighborhood, contact us for special enforcement action. 

Vacation House Watch

While you’re away on vacation, members of the Police Department will stop by and check your house. Notification to key holders can be made if any problems are discovered.  Click here for an application.

Residential Search Consent

This gives police personnel the authorization to enter your home while you’re away if suspicious or unusual circumstances are discovered.  Click here for the consent form.

Child Car Seat Inspection
Four officers are trained & certified under the direction of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to inspect child car seats for village residents. Contact the main phone number at 847-304-3300 to schedule an appointment. They can also inform you of any special concerns or safety recalls.

This service is available for residents and employers/employees within the village, and can also be done for children as a crime prevention measure. Please contact the department for further information and scheduling.

Public Safety Building Tours and Event Appearances
A closer look at the operations within the department such as the jail or firearms range is available to community groups such as civic organizations or scouts by appointment only. Police officers may also stop by block parties or neighborhood events with advanced notice. 

Parking Requests
Overnight parking is not allowed on any Village street outside of the central business district, including residential areas and public streets outside of the downtown area, from the hours of 1:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.  Parking is not allowed in the central business district from 2:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m.  The streets must be clear overnight in order to safely conduct street cleaning and snow removal operations.  Also, when vehicles are parked or abandoned on the street at night, they can be targets of theft and vandalism. Keeping vehicles off the streets overnight allows our patrol officers and residents to easily identify vehicles that may not belong to a resident or a guest.  We understand that there are times when our residents will need to park on the street, such as if a driveway were being re-paved, if the driver is a care provider, or if residents are hosting overnight guests.  If you need to park overnight on the street, please click here to register the vehicle(s).  Each vehicle is limited to only twelve (12) occurrences per year. 

Vehicle Lockouts
Members of the department are available to assist when you lock your keys inside your vehicle.

Animal Control

Our Public Service Officers and Police Officers will assist with lost or found pets, and can refer residents to organizations which assist with special trapping requests of nuisance animals or report problems involving wild animals such as deer or coyotes. It is not legal for residents to set any type of trap for wild animals.  For more information regarding your and your pet's safety when coyotes are in the area, please click here.  For more information regarding found animals such as birds or rodents, visit Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation


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