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Overhead Sewer Reimbursement Program

On November 25, 2013, the Village Board approved a Reimbursement Program for the Installation of Overhead Sewers. An overhead sewer system is intended to prevent or reduce the chance of any backflow of sewage into the home. (This type of system is sometimes referred to in this Program description as an “eligible system.”) This Program is intended to assist residents of the Village who have experienced major sanitary sewer back-up into their homes when heavy rains occurred during 2013 or thereafter.

Through this Reimbursement Program, the Village will reimburse eligible homeowner(s) for some or all of the qualifying costs incurred by the homeowner(s) for the installation by a licensed plumbing contractor of overhead sewers, subject to the conditions and limitations as specified below. As a pre-condition of receiving any reimbursement for installation of an overhead sewer system, the homeowner(s) must, at their own expense, disconnect any and all sump pump(s), downspout(s), footing drain(s), foundation drain(s), window well drain(s), yard drain(s), driveway drain(s), cisterns, and similar structures from any direct or indirect connection to their sanitary sewer service or to the Village’s sanitary sewer system. A certification from your plumber and Village inspections will be required to confirm such disconnections.

Prior to eligible homeowner(s) receiving any reimbursement from the Village, installation of the overhead sewer system must be inspected and approved in writing by the Village Plumbing Inspector and the Village’s Department of Public Works. The proposal from the licensed plumbing contractor accepted by the homeowner(s) for installation of an overhead sewer system must also be submitted to the Village along with the homeowner’s application.