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Snow & Ice Control

Street Snow Removal

The Public Works Department clears snow and ice from over 50 centerline miles of roads within the Village limits and Village owned parking and commuter lots. State and county crews handle snow and ice on Route 14 (Northwest Highway), Ela Road, Barrington Road, portions of Route 59 (Hough Street) and Lake-Cook Road (Main Street) outside the Village limits.

Our goal is to clear the snow and ice from all Village streets within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling. In order to do this, the Village is divided into four snowplow routes, to provide timely plowing of all Village streets. In each route, the streets are designated (and prioritized) as either emergency routes, school routes, side streets, cul-de-sacs or alleys. For parking regulations within the Village, please visit our Parking in the Village page.

Depending upon snow fall duration, expected hourly accumulations, and time of day, crews may make changes in their assigned routes, to keep the emergency and school routes open before starting on the side streets, cul-de-sacs and alleys. During heavy snow fall events, a fifth plowing route is created, which designates a plow that stays on emergency and school routes, so that the other plows may continue to open the side streets, cul-de-sacs and alleys.

Driveway and Sidewalk Snow Removal

DID YOU KNOW… that the Village Code requires all property owners to clear the snow and ice from the public walks abutting their property within  24 hours of the conclusion of the snow event?  Your assistance in keeping the public walk clear is greatly appreciated!


TIMING IS EVERYTHING... We often receive requests from residents to clear snow that has been plowed from the street onto their freshly-shoveled driveways. Because there are more than 3,800 driveways in the Village, we don’t have enough equipment and personnel to fulfill these requests. We recommend waiting until the street has been plowed from curb to curb before clearing your driveway. Though you still end up clearing the snow that is plowed from the street onto your driveway, you only have to do it once.

Snow Emergencies

If you have a life safety emergency during a storm, dial 9-1-1 at once. An emergency vehicle and a snowplow (if necessary) will be dispatched immediately.

If you must travel during a storm and want information about road conditions, call:

Illinois Department of Transportation 
(847) 705-4612

Illinois Roads Closed
(312) 368-4636

Illinois Tollway Information 
(800) 824-7277

Illinois Department of Transportation – Road Issues 
(800) 452-4368 

For road conditions, reports, construction zones, rest areas and general travel information, go to gettingaroundillinois.com.

Mailbox Repair/Replacement

The Village will repair/replace any damage done to mailboxes or lawns caused by a Village snowplow. If your mailbox is damaged by Village crews during snow removal operations, please call us immediately, at (847) 381-7903.  After notification, the Village will perform emergency temporary repairs on any mailbox verified to have been damaged by the Village.

Parkway Damage

The Village will repair damage to the parkway/ lawn only if caused by Village snowplows. Lawn damage will be repaired in early spring as the weather permits. To report damage, please call Public Works at (847) 381-7903.

Things You Should Know

Please understand that the plows may push snow in front of your already cleared driveway. In order to make the streets as safe as possible, plows will continue to widen cleared areas as necessary. Unfortunately, there is simply no place for the snow to go, other than onto parkways and driveways.
  • Please make sure the public walk in front of your home or business is cleared. School children and other pedestrians are depending on you to maintain a safe, clear walkway for them.
  • Please help out by clearing buried fire hydrants in front of your house.
  • Remember, plows may still be clearing streets, so watch out for plows when shoveling the end of your driveway, or clearing the public walk or fire hydrants. Also, please remind your children to stay off snow mounds near the street.
  • Remind your private plow contractor not to plow into or across Village sidewalks and parkways.

Map of Village Plowing Districts
Map of streets not plowed by the Village

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