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Forestry Division 
The Forestry Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of all Village owned property as well as the majority of rights-of-way within the Village. Areas of responsibility include the maintenance of over 8,000 parkway trees, 70 acres of public rights-of-way, the Village Center, portions of Northwest Highway, 11 municipal sites, nine passive parks, Barrington Memorial Park and four wetland restoration projects located within our community. While smaller jobs are completed with in-house staff, the majority of this work is completed through the use of outside contractors.   

The Forestry Division is also responsible for reviewing new development projects and confirming adherence to the Tree Preservation section of the Village's Development Regulations, and meeting with residents to discuss plant health care on both public and private property. Along with coordinating individual permit review and compliance as it relates to public and private tree protection and preservation, securing compliance of tree preservation and native area out lots maintenance requirements within many of our subdivisions, please contact Development Services at (847) 304-3460. 

Major Service Activities: 
Parkway Tree Maintenance 

  • Insect and disease identification and treatment
  • Remove dead, dying or diseased trees
  • Inspect and trim approximately 1/4 of the Village's parkway trees annually 
  • Install cable and bracing to extend useful street life
  • Respond to emergency storm damage
  • Install replacement parkway trees - For an application to plant a tree in the Village's right-of-way, click here.  For a list of approved trees species, click here.

Turf Maintenance
Mow and trim, fertilize and weed control application, litter pick up, shrub and tree trimming, planting bed maintenance

  • Village Hall
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Four Well Sites
  • Cumnor Avenue building
  • Train station grounds and commuter parking lot
  • 11 parking lot areas and 9 passive parks
  • Northwest Hwy. between Hart Rd. and Ela Rd.  (Some of these areas are maintained by the adjacent property owner)
  • Barrington's White House
  • Barrington Village Center


  • Install and maintain 190 summer and winter baskets annually
  • Maintain over a dozen planting beds
  • Daily watering, fertilizing as necessary, weeding and litter pickup from (May through October)
  • Water and trim streetscape trees
  • Install and maintain 29 seasonal planters and the gazebo planter and site

Other Activities

  • Village Chipper Program
  • Review and inspect commercial and residential development
  • Assist residents in establishment of newly planted trees
  • Support Arbor Day activities at the nine area grade schools
  • Maintain wetland/native areas owned by the Village
  • Assist other Public Works Divisions in operational emergencies including snow and ice, water distribution and sanitary collection repairs.

Chipping Program 
Public Works Forestry and Streets Divisions provide seasonal brush pick-up and chipping services along with special pick-ups related to storm damage and Christmas trees. Seasonal chipping is performed twice per year (Spring and Fall).

Property Maintenance Division 
The Village Property Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of most of the buildings, grounds and appurtenant fixtures owned or leased by the Village, including the Village Hall, the Public Safety Facility, the Public Works Facility, Cumnor Avenue Building, the Train Station, and Barrington's White House. 

Activities include maintenance of the fire detection and suppression, HVAC, IT , emergency generation, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as, address windows and doors, carpentry and custodial needs, and coordinates disposal of surplus equipment. 

Major Service Activities:

  • Basic maintenance, repairs, adjustments and alterations are performed by staff
  • Major repairs are serviced by outside contractors
  • Janitorial needs are addressed by staff and contractually
  • Assist other Public Works Divisions in operational emergencies including snow and ice, water distribution, and sanitary collection repairs
  • Assist all Village departments with operational activities, including equipment set up, meeting preparation and other related tasks


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