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Lead/Copper Water Service Information
The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) recently identified several enhancements to public health protection in support of federal drinking water requirements. One of these enhancements includes making additional information available to our customers. The Village has created an online inventory/map of lead and copper water service lines for all residential, commercial, and institutional properties. The map and inventory data will be updated annually as old lead water service lines are removed and replaced with copper. The Village has several goals as it relates to lead/water contamination.

  • Provide safe reliable quality drinking water
  • Deliver prompt and timely community education
  • Manage and maintain the domestic water system in the most cost effective manner
  • Achieve stable and sufficient water rates

Water Service Inventory Data/Pipe Material

  • Copper service lines from water main to water meter - approx. 2,600
  • Combination copper and or lead service lines from water main to Buffalo Box (B-Box) on parkway or from Buffalo Box (B-Box) to water meter - approx. 2,100



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