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Water Programs
Non-Potable Water Program 

The Village offers non-potable water, on a limited basis, to contractors and others who register with us.  The water is derived from our wastewater treatment facility, and may be used for watering trees, shrubs, flowers and turf.  Commercially, the water may be used to cool directional boring drill bits, concrete and asphalt cutting blades, and to jet sewers.  The Village's non-potable water may NOT be used for drinking, cooking, washing, and similar uses. 

Those wishing to participate in the Village's Non-potable Water Program must register annually with the Village and pay a registration fee.  For more details on the Program, click here for the manual.  For a registration form only, click here.

Hydrant Flushing Program 
As part or our overall maintenance of the water supply system, the Village performs annual hydrant flushing.  Hydrant flushing removes a considerable amount of the loose mineral contents and settled solids that accumulate in the water system. During hydrant flushing, the water system becomes stirred up until flushing is complete. 

Hydrant flushing operations generally take a little over two weeks to complete, and the operation is conducted during the day, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m, weather permitting. Customers may experience low water pressure and discolored water during flushing operations.  Though the water may be discolored, it is safe to drink. However, until the water runs clear, it is advisable to avoid washing clothes, especially white fabrics. 

The Village is broken up into seven hydrant flushing areas.  Although your residence may fall outside of an area being flushed, you may experience some discoloration of water for a short period, if you are adjacent to an area being flushed. 



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