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Home Rule

In November 2022, Barrington residents voted to grant Home Rule status to the Village of Barrington.

Over the years, through community surveys and listening sessions, we have heard our residents tell us what is most important to them, beyond the “standard” services we provide.

In addition to giving a community a stronger local voice, Home Rule gives the opportunity for more diverse revenue streams — also supported by non-residents — that would allow us to invest more in our roads, sidewalks, bike paths, and beautification of our Village, among other important projects.

Results from the November 2022 Vote

Proposition to Grant Home Rule Status to the Village of Barrington:

Shall the Village of Barrington, Illinois, become a home rule unit pursuant to Article VII, Section 6, of the Illinois Constitution?



Home Rule Process. Municipalities with 25,000+ residents attain Home Rule automatically. Municipalities with less that 25,000 residnets can attain Home Rule through Referendum - such is the case with Barrington.

WHAT is Home Rule?

Home Rule is a type of governance that gives municipalities greater authority to shape local solutions for local issues.

Decisions are made by your local officials — your friends and neighbors you see at the grocery store — and not by the state.

By law, Illinois communities are classified as either Home Rule or Non-Home Rule. While Non-Home Rule communities are subject to all state legislation and mandates (unfunded ones included), Home Rule communities may be more flexible in finding local solutions to local issues and are not as burdened by state-imposed mandates and regulations.

What Does Home Rule Allow Barrington to Do?


Spread the tax burden

Spread the tax burden from residents to non-residents through sales, gasoline, & other local taxes. These funds are spend on infrastructure and improvements.

Enter into Multi-Year Contracts

Multi-year contracts reduce purchase costs. Contracts negotiated annually are more sensitive to inflation adjustments.

Enact Rental Housing & Property Maintenance RUles

Allows the ability to be more proactive in managing maintenance issues and provides and avenue to address serious criminal activity by tenants.

Eliminate a Mandatory Retirement Age for Top-Level Public Safety Administration

Allows for a stronger ability to recruit and retain top talent.

Attain the top credit rating (AAA)

Attaining the top credit rating is dificult to achieve as a non-home rule community. A higher credit rating results in lower borrowing costs.

Create opportunities to collaborate with and assist local businesses

New revenues could be used to help support local businesses.

WHY did Barrington Put Home Rule on the Ballot?

Home Rule provides more local control for local officials to make decisions that directly affect Barrington, including the ability to:

  • Implement laws different from the state (in the absence of preemption) to meet local needs
  • Enter into multi-year contracts (cost savings)
  • Create rental housing regulations, including licensing & property maintenance
  • Designate home rule revenues to Village enhancements and improvements
  • Simplify lateral hiring of police officers (no mandatory retirement age)
  • Attain the top credit rating (AAA), which is very difficult to achieve as a non-home rule community
  • Create debt flexibility (lower interest costs)
  • Create opportunities to collaborate with and assist local businesses

Home Rule can provide diverse revenue from regional users to help pay for infrastructure and beautification projects.

Non-residents who visit Barrington benefit from public services and road improvement that are funded through resident property taxes. New revenues generated from non-residents, such as a home rule sales tax* or amusement tax could be dedicated to expanding the road maintenance program and other Village improvements and potentially reduce property taxes.

*Home Rule sales tax does not apply to groceries, medicine, or automobiles.

WHERE Does the Money Go?

95% of the Village general fund is dedicated to providing basic public services such as:

  • Police, Fire, Public Works and other Village services
  • Commodities such as fuel, salt, energy, and other miscellaneous items

That leaves just 5% of the budget for creating, repairing and improving infrastructure and other unexpected expenses. Home rule revenues could be designated for important Village improvements.
Remember, the Village receives only a small portion of your property tax bill (just 7%)!
Having additional sources of revenue that include non-resident collections can ease the pressure on property tax and provide a major source of funding for Village improvements that residents need and want. If Barrington were to become a Home Rule community, the Village Board has declared that the Village will abide by the current non-Home Rule tax cap on property taxes.