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Strategic Plan

Barrington’s Strategic Plan (available here) answers the question “How can your Village government accomplish what is most important to the Village of Barrington residents and our community?” Asking and answering this question is a principled action for community-minded and forward-thinking local governments.

The question – “What’s most important?” was central to the village’s recent strategic planning effort. Through strategic planning, the President and Board of Trustees, together with their management team, sought to discover and focus on the “high-stakes challenges” that are shaping Barrington’s future.

By engaging in strategic planning, the leaders of Barrington are declaring that they will pursue policies and practices that will maintain and promote its preferred future. The President and the Board of Trustees, identified four high-stakes challenges.

Click on the link to see how the Village of Barrington will:

  1. Preserve and Promote its Character and Small-Town Charm
  2. Provide Excellent Public Services Through Infrastructure Management and Improvements
  3. Proceed with Renewed Economic Development Efforts Throughout Barrington
  4. Pursue Sound Financial Practices and Long-Range Financial Planning

While there are many other important challenges, this plan is focused on the issues that Barrington officials believe are most important to maintaining and creating Barrington’s preferred future. These are the high-stakes challenges Barrington intends to specifically intervene with and shape.

In crafting this Strategic Plan, the village researched and dissected each key opportunity. In doing so, for each opportunity, the village has crafted:

  • A clear description and definition of the challenge
  • A vision and direction
  • Polices that will drive the effort
  • Relevant data
  • Strategic actions

Based on this process, vision and mission statements have been identified as follows:

Vision Statement

As one of the most charming, historic, and quaint towns in Illinois, Barrington seeks to preserve its small-town character, excellent public services and vibrant economy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Barrington is to preserve its unique small-town heritage and historical character, provide a safe environment for its residents, maintain a high quality of life through efficient use of resources, and respond to future challenges through citizen participation in all civic, social, and cultural endeavors.