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In addition to meeting as a Board, the Village President and Trustees also serve on various committees, such as the Communications Committee, Infrastructure Committee, Finance Committee, and Development Committee. These committees discuss specialized issues and make recommendations to the entire Village Board. Each committee is comprised of three Trustees and the Village President. The Village President is a non-voting member of each committee. 

Finance Committee:

  • Jim Daluga, Chairperson
  • Jason Lohmeyer
  • Todd Sholeen

Typically, the Finance Committee will review legal and other bills, budget and personnel issues, financial policy and legislative issues. 

Communications Committee:

  • Tim Roberts, Chairperson
  • Sue Padula
  • Jason Lohmeyer

The Communications Committee reviews topics such as community messaging, website analysis, and Emergency Management Preparation messaging. 


  • Sue Padula, Chairperson
  • Pete Douglas
  • Jim Daluga

The Infrastructure Committee reviews capital projects, 5-year infrastructure plan, transportation, beautification, and parking. 


  • Pete Douglas, Chairperson
  • Tim Roberts
  • Todd Sholeen

The Development Committee reviews zoning information, comprehensive plan, housing, and permit process.

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