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Barrington was Green before it was Cool to be Green 

Barrington has been on the cutting edge when it comes to being “Green”. In the 1980s, Barrington was one of the first communities in the county to start a multi-material recycling program. We have enjoyed the ease of curbside recycling for many years. In 2004, we entered into an agreement with Groot, our waste hauler, that included larger, 65-gallon carts. Since this improvement, Barrington’s recycling efforts have significantly increased. 

But recycling is only the beginning of our efforts to be good to the environment. The Village has been at the forefront of bio-engineering and streambank stabilization restoration projects since 1990. Projects related to the restoration of Flint Creek, the construction of the award winning “Kilgoblin Wetland”, and the requirement of developers to install water quality elements to their Stormwater Management Plan, have helped the Village to be a leader in environmental initiatives. 

The Village has also been progressive in its water conservation efforts. In 2006, Barrington adopted a Comprehensive Water Conservation Ordinance that serves as a reminder that our water supply is a limited natural resource and should be conserved regardless of weather conditions. We conduct a bi-annual leak detection survey of our potable water system to reduce undetected water loss. Barrington has also instituted the “Star Hexagram” water meter replacement program, which also assists us in monitoring water loss in the system. Additionally, Barrington offers its residents a Rain Barrel Rebate Program to help reduce residential water consumption through conservation.  

The Village has been fortunate to partner with Citizens for Conservation and more recently, Flint Creek Watershed Partnership on many of its green projects. The efforts of those citizen groups and others – the garden clubs, Smart FarmsCitizens for Open Space, and the Barrington Area Conservation Trust – have been a wonderful gift to our community. 

Ongoing Village efforts to help make Barrington a great place to live include greenscape projects throughout town, maintaining a Tree City USA designation for the past 24 years, support for the heron rookery at Baker’s Lake, utilizing a de-icing salt reduction program, participating in holiday lights, electronics and battery recycling programs, and many other environmentally-friendly efforts. 

Barrington is a proactive community when dealing with “green” issues. Our Village Board takes pride and satisfaction in its efforts to preserve and maintain a healthy and safe environment for our residents. We applaud and are grateful for our residents and a community whose efforts have fostered and greatly enhanced our beautiful environment.

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