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The Village of Barrington announces the establishment of an eligibility list for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic. Those with qualified experience are encouraged to apply with the National Testing Network. The department offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, including a starting salary range of $81,175 – $90,617 depending on qualifications, with a top salary of $112,784 in 2025. Applications must be completed no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2024.


  1. Age: Applicants shall be under 35 years of age, at the time of application and at such time as the final eligibility list is posted, unless exempt from such age limitation as provided in Section 5/10-2.1-6 of the Fire and Police Commissioner’s Act. Applicants, at such time as they file their application with this board, must be 21 years of age. Proof of birth date will be required at time of application.
  2. Education: High School Diploma or evidence of a GED equivalence diploma.
  3. Driver’s License: Each applicant must possess a valid driver’s license at the time of appointment.
  4. Residency: Must be a United States Citizen.
  5. Certifications: Currently certified as an Accredited Basic Operations Fire Fighter (Firefighter II). Minimally a Provisional Paramedic in good standing by the State of Illinois pursuant to applicable statutes and regulations at the time of application or National Registry EMT-P. If a Provisional Paramedic when conditional offer of employment is extended, must obtain National Registry EMT-P licensure prior to completion of the post offer background investigation.
  6. CPAT: Proof of completion of the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT) conducted by a licensed CPAT testing agency is required at the time of application. CPAT testing must have been completed no earlier than one (1) year from date of application.
  7. Conditional Offer of Hire: At the time a candidate accepts a conditional offer of employment he or she shall be subject to a background investigation. After a conditional offer of hire and the successful completion of any other conditions of hire, candidate shall be required to submit to basic medical examinations, which may include psychological and comprehensive drug evaluations.

For additional information, please call Human Resources at 847-304-3415.


Each applicant shall take a written test which is in compliance with the validity standards of the various federal and state agencies. The test shall be administered in order to measure specific job related criteria. Passage of the written examination means a score that is at or above the median score for all applicants participating in the written test. The examination components shall be graded on a 100 point scale.

In order to qualify for placement on the final eligibility register, an applicant’s score on the written examination, before any applicable preference points or subjective points are applied shall be at or above the median score. The Fire and Police Commission will conduct oral interviews approximately three (3) weeks after the written examination. The Commission will interview all candidates who scored above the median or the top fifty (50) candidates, whichever is less. Candidates shall be ranked on a 100 point scale.

Candidates will also have the ability to claim preference points for the final hiring list by submitting a claim form with any required attachments within ten (10) days after the posting of the final eligibility register. Four types of preference points may be claimed by applicants:

  1. Experience preference points for applicants who were employed as full-time certified firefighters for at least two (2) years at another fire protection district or municipality – 2pts. Note: Candidates may not receive the full amount of preference points if the amount of points awarded would place the candidate before a veteran on the eligibility list.
  2. Veteran’s preference points for applicants who served in the US military actively for at least one year and who were honorably discharged or are now on inactive or reserve duty – 5pts.
  3. Educational preference points for applicants who have obtained an associate’s degree in the field of fire service, or emergency medical services, or a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university – 2pts.
  4. Additional preference points for any applicant who has obtained national licensure as an Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (EMT-P) and holds certification in the Northwest Community Hospital EMS System – 5 pts.

Once the final hiring list is established, it is in effect for two (2) years and all hiring is done from that list until it expires.


  • Barrington Firefighters, Local 3481 negotiates a labor contract for the Village of Barrington. Current contract was established and effective January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2026.
  • Firefighters work a 24-hour shift followed by 48 hours off-duty. A Kelly Day or FLSA work reduction day is scheduled off every 18th duty day for employees assigned to a 24-hour shift.
  • Sick leave for 24-hour shift employees accrue on a monthly basis at the rate of 12 hours per month up to a maximum of 1,280 hours.
  • Firefighters are granted PTO on a sliding scale from the employee’s date of hire through the end of the first calendar year. Firefighters with less than five (5) years of service are granted 192 hours of PTO per year.
  • The Village offers a comprehensive benefit plan including health and dental insurance, life insurance, and a 125 Flexible Benefit plan.

The Village of Barrington is an Equal Opportunity Employer

To Apply:

Qualified individuals interested in being considered for the position should visit National Testing Network, select Barrington and follow application prompts.



Village of Barrington, Human Resources, 200 S Hough St., Barrington, IL 60010

The Village of Barrington is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Application Deadline: 2:00 PM on Friday, July 19, 2024