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There have been several recent reports involving coyotes and foxes in the Village. In 2011, the Village hosted an informational meeting regarding living with wildlife. Tim Preuss, Lake County Forest Preserve District, gave a presentation that can be found on the Village’s here.

There are no known incidents of these animals attacking humans in Illinois. Although these species can be somewhat of a nuisance, they do provide a benefit. Both coyotes and foxes prey on small mammals, such as voles, mice, and rabbits. They also feed on geese eggs, which helps to control the geese population.
Although it is safe to live near these wild animals, there are several things you can do for you and your pets’ safety:

  • Do not feed or attempt to pet coyotes or foxes. 
  • Keep your trash well contained. 
  • Use squirrel-proof bird feeders and keep seed off the ground, as much as possible. Bird seed attracts small rodents, which, will attract coyotes and foxes. 
  • When walking your dog, keep them on a leash. Do not leave small pets unattended while they are outside. 
  • Keep your pets’ shots up to date. 
  • In the unlikely event that a coyote approaches you, do not run. Yell, stand up straight and wave your arms (the goal is to make yourself appear larger), or throw something at the coyote to scare it away.

It is important to recognize that coyotes are a permanent fixture in Illinois’ rural, suburban and urban areas. Seeing a coyote(s) cross a field, backyard, golf course, road, etc. does not necessarily constitute a problem or a dangerous situation for humans or domestic animals. Coyote population reduction (removing some or
all of the coyotes in an area) is usually unrealistic and always temporary. Removal of coyotes also requires time, effort and funding. Removal can only be authorized by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) District Wildlife Biologist.


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