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Barrington's White House Wins Community Foundation Grants

Barrington’s White House has been awarded three grants by the Barrington Area Community Foundation (BACF) for 2019. The awards include $4,000 to provide ten $400 vouchers to non-profit organizations to rent the house for strategic meetings and events. It also includes $3,500 for marketing materials for the first BWH Summer Cultural Series. And finally, it includes $1,500 for the Best Use of Volunteers, which will be used to develop a training program and purchase a service pin to recognize significant levels of volunteer commitment.
Barrington’s White House has over 55 volunteers who donated more than 1,613 hours in 2018 assisting with running cultural events, serving as historic docents, providing board oversight, writing grants, and more. This is an average of 29 hours per volunteer and a value of $40,000 in equivalent dollars.

BWH Cultural Director Rollin Potter Inducted into BACOA Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Barrington’s White House Cultural Director Dr. Rollin Potter,  who was recently inducted into the Barrington Area Council on Aging (BACOA) Hall of Fame. Rollin has been a volunteer for the Barrington Cultural Commission since 2014 and the White House Cultural Director since 2015.  His passion for the arts and his many cultural connections have has helped make Barrington the place to be for cultural events. Congratulations, Rollin!

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