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NWMC Multimodal Transportation Plan

Participate in "Multimodal" Transportation Planning for Our Area

The Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) is working with member communities, stakeholders, and residents across the region to create its first Multimodal Transportation Plan. While many of the communities within the NWMC have created inspiring plans and implemented innovative projects related to walking, biking, and improving access to transit, the NWMC Multimodal Transportation Plan will further collaboration across municipal boundaries and provide shared data and tools to help create a more connected, equitable, and healthy region.

Through a combination of detailed data collection and analysis, in-depth interviews and focus groups with transportation staff throughout the region, and in-person and multimedia community engagement, the NWMC Multimodal Transportation Plan will:


The next workshop will be held at the Deerfield Winter Celebration at Village Hall on Friday, December 6 from 5 to 8 p.m. A following workshop will be held at the Morton Grove Indoor Farmers Market at the Morton Grove Civic Center on Saturday December 7 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The NWMC Multimodal Plan will be released in January 2020. Several key components, including the Existing Conditions Report, are available to download on the project website.
Eager to share your thoughts? Check out the interactive map to review priority corridors and add comments regarding your observed opportunities and challenges navigating these corridors.

Learn more and sign up for project updates through the project website: http://www.nwmcmultimodalplan.org/


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