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Cook County Mandate

NOTE:  Consistent with the role the Village has played since the beginning of the pandemic, as a public service we will continue to inform and communicate the directives from the Cook County Department of Public Health, as well as other state agencies, including the latest vaccine mandate. We recognize that because the Village of Barrington resides in both Cook and Lake Counties, this can cause inconsistency and confusion on the part of the public when one county creates a mandate and the other does not.
It is important for the community to understand that this mandate has been created by the Cook County Department of Public Health (not the Village) and is applicable to restaurants, fitness facilities, and the other venues listed in the order. It is also important for the community to understand that ultimate enforcement of the mandate on Cook County businesses resides with the Cook County Department of Public Health and its inspectors. They can be reached at https://cookcountypublichealth.org/.
Cook County Vaccine Mandate Goes Into Effect Monday, January 3
Due to the recent surge in Covid cases, the Cook County Department of Public Health has issued a vaccine mandate stating that effective Monday January 3, proof of vaccination will be required for all patrons of dining, entertainment and fitness facilities in the City of Chicago and suburban Cook County, which includes Barrington on the Cook County side. An indoor mask mandate remains in effect. A copy of the mandate can be found here
The vaccine mandates are required at the following Cook County establishments:
  • Indoor dining establishments, including bars, breweries, wine / spirit tasting rooms, restaurants, private clubs, country clubs, banquet halls, dining areas within any public business that is ancillary to the main business (cafes within grocery stores, other retail, etc.) coffee shops, food courts and food halls
  • Event spaces, including hotel ballrooms and commercial event and party venues and nightclubs
  • Recreation and entertainment venues in areas where food or beverages are served, including movie theaters, live performance spaces, including live theater and live music, sports arenas, skating rinks, adult entertainment venues, arcades, bowling alleys, play spaces, family entertainment centers, billiard halls, and venues for card playing
  • All indoor settings for recreation and exercise, including health clubs, gyms, fitness centers, hotel fitness centers, recreation centers, yoga studios, cross-fit studios, cycling studios, dance studios, fieldhouses, boxing and kickboxing gyms, and other facilities conducting group fitness classes indoors.
The following individuals are exempt from the vaccination requirements for entry:
  • Individuals entering an establishment for less than 10 minutes for ordering and carrying out food; making a delivery; or using restroom facilities.
  • Individuals who have previously received a medical exemption, as long as proof of the medical exemption and a COVID-19 test administered by a medical professional within the last 24 hours prior to entering a business covered by the Order are provided to the business upon entry.
  • A nonresident performing artist or nonresident person accompanying the artist who is not regularly performing in a business where the Order applies, but only while in the business for the duration of the performance.
  • A nonresident professional athlete or nonresident person accompanying the athlete, who enters a covered location as part of their regular employment for purposes of the professional athletic or sports team competition.
  • An individual 18 years of age or younger who enters a business subject to this Order to participate in a school activity or after-school program offered by any pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public or non-public school.
  • Any person entering a business subject to this Order for the purposes of voting in a municipal, state, or federal election; or, pursuant to law, assisting or accompanying a voter or observing such elections.
Business / Indoor Venues that are exempt from the vaccination requirements/ employee vaccination and testing requirements in this Order:
  • Houses of worship and does not limit the free exercise of religion. To protect the health and safety of faith leaders, staff, congregants and visitors, religious organizations and houses of worship are strongly encouraged to consult and follow CDC recommendations for Communities of Faith. Religious organizations are strongly encouraged to take steps to ensure social distancing, and implementation of other public health measures.
  • K-12 schools, preschools, and child care centers
  • Indoor locations in a residential or office building the use of which is limited to residents, owners, or tenants of that building
  • Charitable food service establishments, such as soup kitchens.
For more information, go to the Cook County Health Department web site. 


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