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Summer Water Conservation

As we approach the summer months, it’s important to conserve our precious water resources – here are some outdoor conservation tips to practice:

  • One inch of rain or watering over a 7–10 day period is sufficient to maintain a healthy lawn. There is no need to water every day, as it promotes weak, shallow, rooted grass. Grass beginning to turn brown during dry conditions has become dormant and will revive after a normal rainfall.
  • Reset automatic irrigation systems to meet the changing Village water status (see chart below). Watering during the morning hours is best for your lawn to prevent evaporation loss. Avoid sprinklers that produce a fine mist. Too much water is lost to the wind and evaporation.

Pitch In to Conserve Water

Now that summer is here, additional water is being used by residents to maintain lawns, gardens, and trees, which places a higher demand on our water system. The Village has an ordinance establishing limitations on water use. The regulations are listed below  – we ask that you make a conscious effort to conserve this precious resource throughout the summer!

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