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Water & Utility Services

The Village provides residents and businesses in Barrington and portions of Inverness and Barrington Hills with water and sewer services. Water is produced from an underground aquifer by pumping and purifying the aquifer water at four water wells located throughout the Village. This purified aquifer water is distributed through a Village-owned system of water main and service lines.

Sewer service is also provided by the Village. Sewer water is collected from all residences and businesses through a Village-owned system of sewer mains and lines. The collected sewage is treated through a filtration and chemical process at the Village’s wastewater treatment plant. The effluent, which complies with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards, is then discharged into the Flint Creek Tributary.

Sanitary Sewer Backup
If you experience a sanitary sewer backup due to an extreme rain event, please contact the Public Works Department as soon as possible. Staff is available Monday through Friday at (847) 381-7903 or after hours at (847) 590-3491.